Sixteen to go

Tom Moore, Mary and Larry Beeston, Lise Cruickshank, Cresside Collette, Merrill Dumbrell, Joy Smith, Cheryl Thornton, Kate Derum, Pru la Motte,

I’ve found very little  about Tom Moore


Just another day (detail), 1986,  Tom Moore

Again there is very little information about Mary & Larry Beeston

Mrs Mary and Mr Larry Beeston at The University of Newcastle, Australia (1988).
Photo from The University of Newcastle (Australia).

Raw silk shawl, Ikat woven. Lise Cruickshank, Australia. 1983

Cresside Collette New Horizons, woven tapestry, 31 x 65 cm, 2011 (one of three)

Cresside has a website here.


Euan Heng                                                              Euan Heng

Head Study                                                             Head Study

Weaver: Merrill Dumbrell                                        Weaver: Merrill Dumbrell

Joy Smith Chilly lilies (pastel)  2002  23 X 19 cm

Here is Joy’s website.

Artist: John Olsen  Title: Rising Suns over Australia Felix  Weavers: Grazyna Bleja, Georgina Baker, Merrill Dumbrell, Owen Hammond, Claudia Lo Priore, Milena Paplinska and Cheryl Thornton

There seems to be much collaboration between the Australian artists – again I’ve found nothing for Cheryl Thornton.

Kate Derum  Inside Out 1990 Woven Tapestry, wool, cotton, linen 20x30cm

Kate’s website is here.


Member of the Board, Pru La Motte, Australia, 1978

I had the names of more artists but there is nothing other than the odd mention here and there about their work – no images but I think I’ve spent enough time looking at tapestries, Time for me to read the article.



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