Lily oh lily

What a difference a day makes – in contrast to the dull colourless one of yesterday I am now able to sit in the garden amongst the bright pink spikes of the foxgloves accompanied by the gentle buzz of the bees. A surprise lily has opened, I thought I’d bought a packet of bulbs which had white flowers but this dark red one has crept in.


I’m about to start my reading of The Textile Reader edited by Jessica Hemmings but am sitting here admiring the washing hanging on my line. It is the first time this year I’ve been able to put out my laundry as I’ve had no line up but yesterday I installed one. There is something peaceful about seeing the sheets billowing in the summer breeze and, of course, very relevant to the subject of textiles.

I’m reminded of my mother as she always hung the washing up outside, unless it was raining. That used to be a topic of conversation on the bus after a visit to town; either it had been a fine day and the women remarked that the washing would be dry when the returned home or they would lament if they’d left their washing out and it had rained whilst they were away. During the winter my mother would gather the clothes in just as it was getting dark and often they would be stiff with frost, giving them an eerie look.

Another image that comes to mind is one I saw at the Camden Arts Centre a few years ago by Michael Raedecker in the exhibition Line Up

But enough  – on with my reading……….

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