A week of monoprinting

Today I walked to Howard Gardens for a week’s course at Cardiff Met’s Summer School. Mel Warwick was our tutor, a group of about 12 women, and we met on the top floor of the building offering us wonderful city scape views which then led  out over the bay one side and the mountains on the other.

My heart sank as Mel encouraged us to take pencil to paper, to mark make in response to what we could see outside. This wasn’t an exercise in drawing but more about capturing the lines  of the roofs, tree tops but still I didn’t enjoy the process. Next we were given newspaper to draw on and this freed me up as much of the time I couldn’t see what I’d drawn as the image on the paper was obscuring my lines.

During the group crit – well, more of an opportunity to explain what we had produced – I realised I’d used my newspaper in a different way to the others; I’d ignored what was on the page whilst they had incorporated the  words, and images into their own drawings.

In the afternoon we had a demonstration on how to ink up the printing plate ( a piece of perspex) and how to draw into the ink to make a negative print. Needless to say I wasn’t pleased with my results.

20130709_143215 - Copy

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