Middle of the week – monoprinting

My mind was racing last night and I was eager to start class today.  My thoughts were about taking a long strip of paper and wet printing it from dark to light but I was unsure about the logistics – how would I manipulate the paper?

Whilst I was thinking that through I started playing with layers – tearing up the papers and placing them on top of each other.


This was getting me nowhere.

I returned to the idea of using a long strip of paper so just went for it. Mel was very good at encouraging me ‘just do it!’

Once I had done so I realised that I want more control over my work – I want it to be mine and not just the materials dictating the outcome – I need to be able to have my own voice within my work – to take ownership of it – for it to be genuine. Although I’ve not produced much on paper  I think today has been a huge breakthrough for me . I left class early as I was so tired.


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