The Monoprint Show

This morning I worked diligently, making the last of my concertina books. I used the technique I learnt at the textile workshop I attended in April, that is,  using a view-finder to home in on small details. I cut pieces out – about 2 x 3 cms and pasted them into the book which was covered with more or the monoprints I’d made.

Just before lunch I took my pieces downstairs into the gallery and found the perfect spot for me. Luckily everyone else needed wall space to hang their work so I wasn’t treading on anyone’s toes. It was a ledge just in front of the window – a perfect height although the view outside had much to be desired.

20130712_122740 20130712_124908 20130712_124821 20130712_122838

I was so pleased with the result – the space was generous to my work and set it off a treat. From  huge  pieces of torn paper I’d come down to precisely cut tiny samples.

I was extremely honoured with the reaction of my tutor, Mel Warwick, as she offered to buy a piece of my work – I was overwhelmed and in the end we did a swap – she’ll be sending me one of her drawings!

A perfect finish to a great week where I’ve learnt to let go more but at the same time take responsibility for my work. Thanks Mel!


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