Dorothy Gill Barnes – continued

The oral interview  on the Archives of American Art site was recorded over a couple of days or so. This is my second enjoyable day of reading. (Oral history interview with Dorothy Gill Barnes, 2003 May 2-7, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution)

Dorothy mentions Clarence Schmidt House, Woodstock, New York. The Historical Society of Woodstock has an article about the man – a self taught artist who sounds a real eccentric.

Clarence Schmidt house

David Johnson took many photographs of Schmidt’s work as can be seen here.

Ed Rossbach was a weaver and basket maker  Dorothy admired.


“I think if I had somewhere along the line taken a picture of it, (my work) I would remember it and maybe even have learned from it. So I think that is something that matters: to have a record. I even take pictures of things in progress that aren’t right. I know I’m going to change it, but if I see it when I come back from the photo shop, and I know it’s terrible and I can see what’s wrong from photographing it from a certain angle, it will help me, and I’ll change the basket in progress that way.”

” I also think that [it helps] the sharing of ideas between artists in your field and outside the field. I mean, it does not necessarily have to be just fiber. If I get really excited about work that I see in other media, it’s all good and it’s all inspiring. And it’s not just in the art magazines, but it’s in going to hear music and to see good dance. I mean the things that get you excited about the creative process and get you fired up to go home and work harder.”

Jiro  Yonezawa - Ladybug

Ladybug with Box

Bamboo cane, urusi laquer

4.5 x 6 x 4.5 inches

Jiro Yonezawa as seen in the Butters Gallery

Photo: Rob Cardillo

Summer Palace

Work by Patrick Dougherty  and here he is – a short video on making his sculptures.

“Once in a while something will get upside down or right side up – I mean, kittywampus,”  – according to OED the definition is: Fierce, unsparing, destructive. Also, askew, awry. (A high-sounding word with no very definite meaning.)


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