Notes to self

Tuesday is the start of my M.A. and I want to record my thoughts, feelings, responses… the whole experience here. I looked back in the journal I wrote at the time I started my Access course 7 years ago and there I expressed my fears. Although the ones I have now are different I know I overcame those previous doubts and did so successfully. Take heart from that!

What do I want to achieve by taking my M.A.?

Of course there isn’t one definitive answer. I want to challenge myself; stretch my brain; develop my creative soul further; be around like-minded people; be able to use the facilities the university has to offer; grow from tutor and peer input and find my own voice. These are just a few thoughts jotted down in the last 5 minutes. Next time I ponder this question I’m sure I’ll come up with more.

Here is a statement I made in my end of degree portfolio.

‘I came to the world of art later in life but I have the memory that once it was alien and intimidating to me. I would like to enthuse others who may think art is not for them and demonstrate it is for all.’

That reminded me of a couple of conversations I had over the summer.

The first was with a lady when I explained I’d taken my degree in art. Her question was ‘What sort of pictures do you paint?’

The next was with some builders who wanted to know what I did. I tried to describe what mixed media was but they were left with the impression ‘I did sculpture’.

These experiences have led me to be aware I must be clear about my work – if I haven’t the confidence to express my intentions, if I can’t be enthusiastic about it how can I expect others to be?

I must be fully prepared for tutorials, to know my work inside out so that will mean me questioning myself as I work through the pieces.

I need to know exactly why I’m attracted to a particular artist – what am I gaining from viewing the work, how can I pick out ideas to move my work on? Keep questioning.

I feel I’m jumping in at the deep end as the fist meeting with my fellow students will be at a seminar in a gallery where the 2nd stage students will be presenting their work. In two weeks time it will the turn of the 1st stage students… help, that’s me! Where is the cosy induction of sitting in a room being talked at about this that and the other????

A slight panic – I knew I had to take some work to ‘show & tell’ so was planning on introducing my current work but now am wondering if I can as it will have to be hung for Made In Roath Open House at the same time. But then again I need to see the space in the gallery in Swansea before I can make a decision on what to use. I’m sure I’ll put something out of the hat!

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