1st day

How did my first day go? Not a good start in spite of the train arriving early as I managed to get lost which meant I was 5 mins late. I was all of a  fluster walking into a room full of people.

Here are some points I jotted down.

Don’t worry about where you want to go (Good because I have no idea!)

Don’t work backwards – its a pathway (Again good as I’ve always worked through a process before arriving at my final piece – my workbooks have been progressive and not filled in as an after thought)

11/12th November we’ll be showing our work in an exhibition space but submissions may be ideas, not necessarily actual work. The purpose is to invite feedback. (By this time I’ll have exhibited my latest work at Made in Roath so will be able to go with public feedback)

Important to keep visual diary (Here is my blog!My intention was to record my thoughts about my MA but already I see that honesty won’t be possible. I’m restricted by the public presence of the written word – it won’t do me any good airing moans and frustrations about others, only my own. I need to make a book to sketch out ideas, I think this blog will be more about stages of my work rather than the minutia)

The report doesn’t have to be independent  but may be integrated into your making (Again an excellent reason to make a book)

After the introductory meeting the group walked to a cafe gallery to hear the stage 2 students talk about their work which was exhibited in the white cube basement. There was a great mixture of work on show and over the next few hours the students outlined their individual intentions. Unfortunately I was unable to give my full attention to all as the space was very hot and the hours of standing was very uncomfortable for me.

I came away with these thoughts.

I want my work to be honest – not rely on quotes from esoteric writers but to be accessible to all. I’m not saying my intention is to please everyone (impossible) but I want to produce work so the audience is not fearful of expressing an opinion about it. I want it to be inclusive and not exclusive. This is something I will have to be mindful of. Note to self – keep questioning what my intentions are.

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