All ready for Made in Roath 2013

All ready for Made In Roath, the room has been cleared and work hung.


  Anna Polya

Anna Polya

Anna Polya

Anna’s work reflects the impermanent nature of dance as an art-form; it happens in a given space, experienced by dancers and viewers, and is over, leaving only impressions in the memory of the participants. “Traces left by Dancers” explores our unfulfilled wish to hold onto what is intangible and beautiful.


Farah Allibhis


Gabrielle Jessica Frazer

Gabrielle produces individual sculptural ceramic pieces which explore her intrigue in life, nature, and ceramic process.


Inspired by the passing of time and the way in which its transient nature leaves its mark, I have searched through processes that have resulted in my work sharing a range of media and drawings created from these experiences. 


Roger Lougher


Roger Lougher is interested in the simple basic materials he is presented with at his studio. Here he is exhibiting work made with found objects: Leylandii trees he has felled and not yet burnt and the old buckets from the restored waterwheel. He presents them as a rustic minimalist sculpture conceived and made on the rush of oxygen mixed with two-stroke exhaust fumes.


And lastly my own work. The piece  Marriages is based on names and occupations found on old marriage certificates and censuses whilst researching my family history. Each artefact represents the occupation of the male without the home and the knitting is the female, the domestic, within the home. there is also the marriage of the hard wood/metal and the soft knitted cotton.


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