A little R&R

I’m catching up with a little reading and research. Textile Form and Counter Form: The Revival and Reinterpretation of Composite Knit and Crochet Constructions of the 1930s–1940s by Carol Brown.

‘Carol Brown is Head of Division of art and Design at University Campus, Suffolk (UCS), UK. Her research examines the domesticity and social change associated with interior textiles—in particular the doily. She also studies the changing perception of knitting, and the complexities of technique and stitch structure relating to the craft of knitting and the application of new technologies.’

. Anna Peach Spirit House 2005



Cal Lane Works by Cal Lane

Laura Splan SARS Doilies 2004, freestanding computerized machine embroidered lace mounted on velvet. 16.75H x 16.75W inches each (framed dimensions)

Now I need to analyse these artists and find out exactly why I’m drawn to their work.

They all work in monochrome.

Their work is neat, executed to a high standard.

I’ve not seen any similar work.

Their work provokes thought, especially the beautiful SARS cell.


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