Week 5

I’m beginning to settle in – places, spaces and faces are becoming familiar.

In the morning Paul Jeff showed three pieces of his work.

I Watched Her until She Disappeared
Carrying Lyn part 1 Carrying Lyn Part 2

The lightness of touch from the music – used to touch the image not illustrate it.
Baroque – excess, not transparent, folds in everything, overtones of religion and sexuality.
Art is to ask questions not give answers.

Straight into a textiles group crit. Several things to work on……..
Reading: Daniel Miller, Materiality;The Comfort of Things. Helene Cixious, The Binary
Look at: Deidre Nelson, Museum of Domestic (MODA) Middlesex University

Freddie Robins and Cal Lane was also mentioned but I’m familiar with their work.

Notes made: consider scale, shifting time paradigms (what would a contemporary marriage look like?) Who leads the work at the moment (male)
I’m unsure if I want to continue with this type of work or do something completely different.

No time to have 5 min breather – back into discussing the Thought Experiment.

I felt I needed input from the group so volunteered to discuss my experiment. Rob read it out and that gave me a fresh interpretation of the task. I explained I’d used the technique learnt at the poetry workshop – that is to write any and everything that came into my head – I became a single hair – The quasi- religious ceremony of the visit to the hairdressers – (the cape, the throne, the liturgy (going anywhere nice this evening/weekend: hot/cold isn’t it) the flourish of the mirror to show the back of the head……) We discussed me not having my hair cut for the three years of my MA (dishevelled soul?)  – having all my hair cut off…..

It appears straightforward this apparently banal situation but it is much more complicated.
You’ll be something completely other, disorganised from within.
Or transfigured.
You have a rendezvous with your own destiny; it will leave you breathless and broken, the victim of internal cataclysm.
Your dreams will have been for nothing.They are without the slightest of importance.
Reality is nearly always flat, banal, straight forward, without contour.
Reassuring in a way.

I’ve taken some key phrases – chucking out the bite about the hairdressers. After I felt I was on the right track – I’ve several ideas to use.

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