Next week’s lecture

I’ve been given Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena  by D W Winnicott to read for next week’s lecture. Before I start I took a quick look at the forbidden Wikipedia and came up with the following:-

In health, the child learns to bring her spontaneous, real self into play with others; in a false self disorder, the child has found it unsafe or impossible to do so, and instead she feels that when she’s with other people she must hide her own self, and pretend to be whatever others want or  need her to be.

The result, for Winnicott, could be the creation of what he called ‘the False Self….Other people’s expectations can become of overriding importance, overlaying or contradicting the original sense of self, the one connected to the very roots of our being. ( Winnicott, in Klein, Need p. 241)

Now I understand a great deal about my behaviour. Since reading this  I’ve chosen not to go to a couple of art events as I’m not interested in them …… I was going because I felt I aught to go….. it was to impress others and not for my own delight. This is liberating.


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