From my readings

George Brett, American fibre artist.

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With these pieces it’s all to do with the hanging and lighting – another installation using strips of fabric – this time machine knitted. To the artist the shadows are of equal importance. ‘They (the work) define the space as well as divide it.’

Shane Waltener

Outdoor Weave-In, 2011
cotton and jute twine, eucalyptus grove
Powerhouse Museum Discovery Centre
13 August through to April 2012

Chihuly Doily 1&2 2004,
knicker elastic, each 270 x 350cm.
Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

The images above are of the piece Over Here, an installation commissioned for Jupiter Artland. Knitted with fishing line, the piece has been strategically placed so panoramic views of the woods, fields and hills beyond can be seen through the eye of the web. For more information on Jupiter Artland,

Man's knitted jacket, Norwegian style, called Lice cardigan from the spotted pattern

Norwegian ‘Lice Jacket’

Swedish Bohus sweaters

Fair Isle Sweaters

Liz Gemmell’s Australian take on Fair Isle


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