Presentation of my Thought Experiment

Well, that’s it, the first few weeks of my MA over, culminating with the group presenting their Thought Experiments. There were several videos (strange to call them that as no video tape was used to make them) and some were accompanied by performances which reflected the content on the screen. One person had a live facebook web chat; another couple gave readings; a fox and huge teddy bear visited us; I had fun having my mind read and also making a drawing to given instructions. I was second to last to go and was very worried as everyone else had a completed piece lasting the allotted 6 minutes 40 seconds. Half of my  presentation was about how I came to create my performance. But nothing I could do about it!

It appears straightforward this apparently banal situation but it is much more complicated.
You’ll be something completely other, disorganised from within.
Reality is nearly always flat, banal, straight forward, without contour.
As Seneca said
Life never measures up to expectation
Anticipation is often better than the actual event
Piero_Manzoni_Artist's_shit - Copy                                                                                                             Piero Manzoni 1961
Ideas started to form
Morphed into something other This was not a linear progression
Banal – so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring
20131110_115010 - Copy20131110_115034 - Copy20131110_115056 - Copy 20131110_115139 - Copy
In search of the banal
Snapshot 2 (14-11-2013 11-08)      Snapshot 1 (14-11-2013 11-08)
A Video of ……………Senseless knitting and unravelling.
 HENRI LEFEBVRE wrote about the commoditisation of ourselves.
 We go to the hairdressers in order to feel good about ourselves – we buy and sell the dream.
 How long has this been going on?
2    3
In my Life Time
4   dusty
5     6
The ritual of the hairdressers ……..
  download (2)
The throne of torture
The imprisonment in the gown
The weaponry
The conversation  
But it’s place to change myself – re-invent myself…
To do a Cindy Sherman
From Old Fart to Tart
Andy & me

To tell tall talesAndy and me at a HAPPENING……onto performance art


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