Taken my eye off the ball

After the build-up and relieve of last week’s presentation I’ve not thought much about uni. I’ve been busy with family birthday celebrations and Christmas preparations so it was a bit of a shock to me to discover the first essay topics  have been published. It wasn’t a good idea to discover this after midnight last night as panic overtook me and I couldn’t assimilate what was being asked of me. In my mind the deadline was the end of January but on checking this morning it’s in April…….and breathe!

There are a couple of titles that  I will explore further but none that make me leap with joy!

I watched a TED video – a talk by Amy Cuddy on faking it until you become it. It’s all about body posture and Amy advocates just two minutes a day to take up a power stance in order to perform better. It is on similar lines to  NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) where the technique of visualising is used extensively.


This is a technique I need to re-engage with.

1)       to convince myself that I am capable of writing an essay

2)       to convince myself I can carry off re-inventing myself

On that point I followed my Thought Experiment poem and went to the hairdressers last week. I instructed Kelly to do what she liked as long as it was dramatic and she fulfilled the brief. My hair is shorter than it’s been for about 20 years and a rich red colour with coper highlights and it’s darker underneath. I love the colour but fear it’s too short. I am so cold around my neck and don’t like the feel of the stubble where my hair line has been cut at the back. I’ll keep the colour but my hair will not be cut for a few months or even a year, apart from an occasional trim to keep it in shape.


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