Project Proposal

I’ve feeling much more settled as I’ve conceived the idea for my work, now I have to incubate it then deliver.

‘Because the past is re-enacted between the mother and her child, the past is always re-created in a new shape, adapted to the unique individual that each child is. This ensures that the mother can only remember her infantile past in the light of this novel present, a present that bestows on the past new meanings that it did not originally have. Thus the mother’s past returns, but never simply as it was.’  Alison Stone

Reference material but I expect to add to this as I go along.

Deutsch, Helen. Confrontations with Myself: An Epilogue. Norton .New York:1973
An autobiography of a mother undergoing psychoanalysis to inform me more about Freud and motherhood.

Mavor, Carol. Becoming. Duke University Press. London: 1999
A Victorian lady’s relationship with her children recorded in photography.

Mavor, Anne. Strong Hearts, Inspired Minds: 21 Artists Who are Mothers Tell their Stories, Portland, OR: Rowanberry Books, 1996. To understand further how women approach their practice whilst raising children.

Reid, Leslie. “Afterimage: A Photographic Journal of Making Art and Mothering Teens.” Mothering, Popular Culture and the Arts, special issue of Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, 5.1 (Spring/Summer 2003).

Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics is a network based at the Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birbeck, which creates spaces for interdisciplinary conversations about motherhood and the maternal more broadly. This is a publication rich in articles and images

Schildrick Margrit
Becoming-maternal: Things to do with Deleuze
Studies in the Maternal, 2 (1) 2010,  k.pdf

Stone Alison
Maternal Memory and Lived Time, Studies in the Maternal, 4(1), 2012,

Woman artists interpreting  motherhood

Museum of Motherhood New York.

I have several ideas so need to clarify them.

1)     An installation representing me and my two daughters
2)     With the addition of their children
3)     With my mother and me
4)     With addition of my grandmother
5)     The direct maternal line, i.e. great maternal grandmothers
6)     All known great grandmothers
7)     All the generations

Next I need to think about layout, how am I going to construct the installation. For this I will use my workbook to sketch out ideas – on one plain or suspended?

Materials, form, colour will depend on the above but at this stage I’m considering
1)      cast paper
2)      knitted form – each person a different stitch
3)      fabric form – image of the person on it

Time for me to go to do some drawings and play with materials.


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