A rainy morning in Penarth

Not the best of days for a visit to the seaside but I wanted to catch an exhibition by the Cardiff Met Textile students at the recently renovated Pavilion.


Most of the day’s colour was a bleached out grey so I was unable to capture the beauty of the building. It has been transformed from a blousey tacky eyescore to an elegant  asset. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the exhibits to the best advantage as a function was about to take place in the gallery.


May Alexandra Heavy Heart


Jessica Slack No 2  Stanley Road


Zoe Element Close to Home


Alexandra Brace Ephemeral Beauty


Alexandra Luxford Preservation 

A lovely, well curated exhibition. The students should be very proud of themselves; apologies to those who’s work I didn’t manage to photograph but I wasn’t able to see them properly due to tables and chairs being in the way.

A walk back up to town through the manicured gardens of Alexandra (the name of the day?) Park into Uno for a delicious plate of Lounge Eggs and a strong cup of coffee.

The bus was waiting at the bus stop so a quick dash in the rain across the road and we were off, home to Cardiff.


One thought on “A rainy morning in Penarth

  1. Thank you for visiting the exhibit, and glad you enjoyed the work on show, love the blog review Alexandra Brace

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