Visit by the External Examiner

It was good to meet my external examiner today. I enjoyed presenting my work to him and I felt encouraged by his reactions.

On one hand I think the piece I’m working on is too simplistic – embroidered names on fabric – yet there is far more too it. It will all be in the display! I’ve several thoughts about how I’ll do that but until I see the actual space I’ll be using I’m constructing the piece to be shown in a couple or so ways.


The rest of the day I marked out my fabric. I was able to lay it out flat across several tables so it made stitching  on it a delight. The work was physical as I had to walk from side to side as I tacked out each line of thread. I used long lengths of cotton to indicate each year  the women became a mother. This involved careful measuring – the placing may seem random to the viewer but for my own satisfaction I had to be precise, it’s all to do with the authenticity of my work. Already I felt engagement with the mothers as I do so little physical exertion in my day-to-day life, nothing like the manual work they would have had to undertake.

Next I pinned the names onto the fabric, again in relation to  to their placing on the family tree. I’me now ready to start embroidering.





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