Quipu, Khipu

I came across the word quipu on two consecutive days in diverse articles so thought I better investigate what it was all about.

A very basic description is that it’s a way the Inkas used to record information by tying knots onto cotton cords. That is on a par with describing writing as a system of marks. Detailed information is here

quipu 1

Museum of World Cultures, Göteborg, Sweden

Atarco Khipu_jpg

Museum für Völkerkunde, Munich

Photos by Dr. Gary Urton

I think this method will be an excellent way to present my family tree but I need to complete my fabric piece first. Progress is slow as family commitments have prevented me from stitching for the last few days. A mapping workshop  today was less of a workshop than I expected – I could have made better use of the time.

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