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Hannah Lamb – interview in Textile Artist.


Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows

This wonderful painting of Salisbury Cathedral by John Constable is currently on show at The National Museum Cardiff  and is on my ‘must see’ list. I’m appreciating paintings more and more; at one time I had little interest in them but am becoming fascinated by the palette, technique and subject matter. A Guardian review of the painting.

Catherine Dormer

Catherine Dormer

Caress 1

Catherine Dormer 1

What a stunning venue for the exhibition

Catherine Dormer 2

cloth : surface : screen (2008)

A reminder that I should document my work as it progresses more than I do.

Linda Barlow12_linda_barlow_1

Linda Barlow, I Lied When I Said I Was Happy,  156cm x 114cm,  Dyeing, printing, painting, appliqué, hand and machine embroidery. Vintage French bed sheet.

Inspiration: Ok? Yes thanks, I’m fine. The lies we tell each other. The lies we tell ourselves. We tie ourselves up in domesticity, work and life, constantly bombarded with images of ridiculous role models so that we have no time to think, reflect and just be. Are we really happy?

Taken from The Festival of Quilts website

Caren Garfen


An interview with Caren on Textile Artists 

Janet Haigh


Hidden Pillow of Affirmative Words

Janet does not say whether the text is hand or machine stitched -I’ve a thought it’s all hand done!

Val Jackson


 Taken from Cheshire Textiles “My work represents an exploration of the relationship between memory and clothing and their corresponding decay. Currently I am investigating memories of childhood and youth in the 1950’s and 60’s through garments, accessories and larger memorabilia, such as houses and cars”

Deirdre Nelson


An interview with Deirdre about her Bugs embroidery from the V&A website

Naomi Ryder


Katherine Mops

Interview with Naomi on the Textile Artists website

Lynn Setterington


Please Sign Here. The latest collaborative signature project is on at Rochdale  Touchstones Gallery in Rochdale until March 2014

This is particularly relevant to me as my current work contains names. Unfortunately I’ve very few examples of handwriting done by my parents;  a recipe from my mother, my father’s journals and an account of a boyhood incident from my paternal grandfather. Nothing which contains their signature.

Rozanne Hawksley

LOAMT 8(3)

Look on small beautiful things

Rozanne’s work is exquisite – so delicate. I can learn from her presentation as she too mounts her work on calico.

rozanne with tabitha t aunty adas 1933 2004 05(3)

Rozanne with Tabitha at Aunty Ada’s 1933, 2004-05

I don’t know why I’ve stopped making work like this. Maybe when the Spring really arrives I’ll have a burst of energy and be able to do more.


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