Visiting Speaker

Linda Florence came to speak to the B.A. group but luckily I was included in the invite.

Linda spoke about her work – showing us the diversity of her practice. One of her messages for success was to push yourself – enter every exhibition you can, talk passionately about your work to all, don’t be put off by rejections and to work with other people as much as possible – networking is a great way to get commissions. Excellent advice for the ones about to graduate – I’m in a different space but it was a reminder to me not to sit back.

All of these images are from Linda’s website.


 Redwoods Centre at Shelton Hospital in Shrewsbury


Sugar Dance


Sheffield Millennium Gallery Museums, April 2009, Sheffield


The National Trust, August 2009, Lincolnshire England. Photographs by Julian Hughes

The Textile Print Room is another website Linda helps to run – full of useful information regards exhibitions, suppliers, courses etc.

A couple more for me to have a look at Studio Weave, Craftspace

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