Textile artists who use text in their work.

My installation is progressing – at times I resent how many hours it’s taking as I sit and stitch. But this is a reminder of how women in the past might have felt as the morning and afternoon labour consists of sitting still, head down and working closely on the fabric. Luckily I have the radio to keep me company. I have worked the sentence ‘In honour of my twenty-six named mothers and the hundreds of unknown ones.’  It has taken me about two weeks to embroider although I haven’t been doing it on a daily basis. I’ve another 5 weeks to go before I have to finish it but during that time I have to submit my essay and I’m away for a week. A slight feeling of panic is arising within me!

I’ve also been looking at Rosalind Wyatt’s work. She has taken old letters and embroidered them onto fabric – how neat her stitching is. However, although she states she writes with a needle she doesn’t mention if this is hand stitching or by machine using a digital programme. This is something I could have done but wanted the engagement with the labour.

stitchloveletter4 stitchloveletter1

Rosalind’s work has a great air of confidence about it and, unlike other textile artists who use found fabrics, thankfully she succeeds in missing the ‘vintage’ scene.

Donna Rumble-Smith



Signatures Exchanged for Passwords 2009

 From her website:

This installation was born on my passion for interesting handwriting, diaries, beautiful papers and items that evoke memories. My inspiration from this has lead me to write narratives about the effect that the wide spread use of computers and digital text has made to handwriting, I explore the special nature of handwriting and the exchanging of a letter, the content of which is often personal, intimate and emotional. And simply, we seem to be losing the love of the letter to the speedy reply that email and texts provide.


Conversations Over Dinner

The letters take on a conversational approach, over dinner seem an appropriate forum to develop a conversational tablecloth. Traditional embroidery techniques and using ‘white on white’ for intimacy, quietly, secretively.

This reminds me of the laser cutting I did the other week – must return in order to explore that technique further.


Wordfall Created in collaboration with poet Noel Connor.

I’ve revisited Hannah Lamb’s blog and she talks about taking a workshop with Rosalind Wyatt with a sample of her work – now I see it is hand stitched!.



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