Trip to Munich – International Crafts Fair

Jelle Mastenbroek


‘The taking of photographs is strictly forbidden but if I happen to move away from here I won’t be able to see you, will I?’  This is the only photo in the exhibition I was able to sneak. A video of the piece in action is here.

Sarah Lindstrom1326581258308099

Pieter Mark Schevers

c15bad2b-a9ec-48b0-8f81-13f187634863_Schevers_Mark_Mark Schevers: Lost value

For his graduation project, Mark Schevers built a series of machines, which show the loss of value of an action. “I want to make people aware of products we use in our daily lives, like a lighter or a coffee spoon. I do this through magnification of the action and analogue operation of the machine in an unusual way. The machines are constructed of second-hand materials, which are also given a new context and function”.



Gabriela Hajkova

Unfortunately I can’t find any information about this artist. Her installation was entitled Oh My God and consisted of many types of neutral coloured cords, ropes, yarns knotted together. On seeing it I think an idea for my next project is forming.

Monika Haneckova




Samantha Lewis


Iris Bodemer


This piece consists of 20 brooches placed together to make one large piece.

Anna Talbotgold1


Vera Siemund




Babette Boucher



Unfortunately this piece looked very tired, It was grey and misshaped but I was taken with the concept.

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