For the first time ever I’ve abandoned a piece of work in the making. Previously ideas have been jettisoned, models worked through then discarded but I’ve never worked for so long on a project only to decide it has to go.

I’ve done hours of research, trialling stitches, carefully measuring to mark out birth dates and placing the names of the mothers onto the fabric. After starting to embroider I decided to change the fabric to one of a tighter weave so the three hours of marking out were repeated (I should have taken notice of my gut feeling at the time). Then day after day of sitting and stitching. The resentment was building up within me. I felt I’d connected with the mothers of my past – the tedious work they had to endure. From that point of view I feel my work was very successful. But the more I looked at it the more I realised it wasn’t happening visually. It is simply a large piece of fabric with names embroidered on it. The deciding point came when I had just the last arch of an m to finish and I couldn’t do it. It was with a sense of relief I made my decision – the fabric is now folded up and put away. I can use it for another purpose.

This has left me needing to find work to put into the M.A. end of year show at the Elysium. I’ve decided to show my Marriage series. The piece I entered for the Women’s Art¬†Association In Butetown History and Arts Centre attracted a deal of attention and encouraged me to expand the range of artefacts.

Back to my knitting…..



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