Stroud International Textiles – morning

Every year I visit Stroud  International Textiles to see the wonderful displays by artists, either in their studios or in exhibition spaces – I wasn’t disappointed.

The first venue was Landsdown Hall to see Alice Fox. We both were  attendees at a workshop last year so I was curious to see which direction her work had taken. She had a huge range on display, from long wall hangings to small concertina books. Here are some images taken from her website of her Tide Marks.

alice fox tide marksalice fox tide marks 1alice fox tide marks 2 alice fox tide marks 3


My next call was to The Pink Cabbage to see Paper Dreams by Sticky Paper Studio.

Sticky Paper Studio is a group of six artists working in paper. Our inspirations and enthusiasms are fashion, textiles, pattern, ornament and anything we find visually interesting. We work in two and three dimensional collage, ripping, tearing, cutting, manipulating and sticking. We use readily available found papers and occasionally specialist types. Sometimes ideas may be inspired by a subject, sometimes by the character of a paper and sometimes by a technique. Whilst we find inspiration from  experimenting and researching within the group, we each develop our ideas independently.”


Liz Valenti Polish Shirt

Tamsin Golesworthy

Tamsin Golesworthy

diane Jefferies

Diane Jeffries

susie harris

Susi Harris

gabriel Broad

Gabriel Broad

No time to stop for a coffee – into the Stroud Valleys Artspace. I found it confusing that there were two Open Studio Festivals running concurrently in the area – as a result I didn’t pick up a brochure – good job it’s on line here! Not all the artists were in their studio space, some looked quiet unloved but I had an interesting conversation with Ann-Margreth Bohl.


Ann-Margreth is  a sculpture working with stone, wax, cloth, and these two dramatic pieces of Plymouth Blue Limestone were at the entrance to her studio. But I caught sight of an embroidery hoop containing rust stained fabric on which she had started to stitch text. This sparked a conversation about the tedium of the process – how labour intensive it is. Ann promised to send me an image of her finished work which is going to be displayed at the museum in Stroud during a ‘Night at the Museum’ event.

Another person who’s work I admired is Zoe Heath. Her studio was full of treasures, old books, papers, little folded envelopes containing scraps of text, pieces of gnarled wood- just how I’d like my workspace to be. On talking with her I realise I need to have more confidence about my mark making – I can only see my clumsy attempts to draw. This in turn inhibits me so then I never improve.



A hastily eaten falafel wrap bought from a street stall then round the exhibition at the museum. DSC_0300

Joy Merron 

Joy’s work was suspended in the window at the entrance to the gallery and I thought the impact of it was lost due to the amount of light flooding in, few shadows were cast and on viewing her website they appear to be an integral part of the work.


Penelope Jordan

Caroline Bartlett‘s installation was based on mappings of life – no image available.

Peter Archer

Peter Archer. Carved and stained hardwood.


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