The Cutting (and Stitching) Edge Mr X Stitch

In contrast to the seminar on Friday I went to an entertaining talk at Craft in the Bay by Mr X Stitch. Jamie Chalmers has been stitching for over ten years and he introduced us to Jamie’s world  where embroidery and stitch have become subversive. With high energy, lots of jokes and engaging with his audience throughout  he rattled through over a hundred images in an hour and introduced me to several artists.


Stacey Page Melanie

deer03Frederique Morrel Deer

plate1Diem Chau


 Harriet Hammel

hollylevell_image1Holly Levell

01FrntClsed-filteredTamor Stone

b.SPKPaddy Hartley



Bethany Walker IBethany Walker

Nike-Schroeder-Edgar-Eduard-6Nika Schroeder


Gillian-Bates-Beach-HutsGillian Bates

91_gupcompPeter Crawley

Liz-Kueneke-ManhattenLiz Kieneke

noellemason3Noelle Mason

Cross-Stitch-Ninjas-Walking-Dead-cross-stitchCross Stitch Ninja

eegoodfriendsEmily Eibel


Barbara Randall



Lou Trigg

f94654eb23d370bd5b08fbde0ee303a4Erin Riley

Pierre-Fouche-The-Kiss-2008-Crochet-cotton-2000-x-1200mmPierre Fouche

Louise-Riley-Lucy-480Louise Riley

womansworksmJoetta Maue

tamandua004_mainZoe Williams

Luke-Haynes-The-American-Context-5-American-Gothic-480x480Luke Haynes

Converted-4Ellis Developments

taEvelin Kasckov


TC1webRuaMegan Hansen-Knarhoi

UntitledAdriana Paice

36_pc_01Benjamin Shine

goldfishMarloes Duyker

IndexpageBen Venom

Sarah-Greaves-The-EndSarah Greaves

fullCayce Zavaglia


So there we are, thirty five artists  – I’ve not included all I saw as not all of the work  appealed to me. I find some of the art ‘flat’ – that it has no voice of the artist coming through; maybe because several use digital technology. Others  I’m unsure of as it doesn’t appear to be original in concept but then it’s difficult to establish who depicted the idea first. The use of bad language and sexually explicit content seems to be an easy way to be noticed, if only for the shock value but again, how original is that?


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