Inspirations from the Museum

A visit to Newport City Art Gallery and Museum to see an exhibition, entitled Pay Box,  of drawings by Penny Hallas based on the museum’s collection. I enjoy working on similar lines – that is selecting an object/image from a museum, researching it then producing work in response to my findings. This is in contrast to how I’m working during my MA; philosophy and critical thinking play a dominant role and I struggle with this aspect of the course. But back to the exhibition.

L1070752 2

These small metal containers are the pay boxes used to hold the wages of the workers at the Rogerstone Nail works. Each one is numbered, some oval, some round but all made out of the same metal. Box no 700 housed the pay slip for week ending 24th October 1914 – 3 months into the 1st World War………..box013

Penny then looked at other artefacts and produced a series of drawings, colleges and video.

Paybox Penny Hallas


Scan 8

Scan 2



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