Hillary Fayle

My heart sang this lunchtime as I discovered the work of Hillary Fayle. She embroiders leaves and the images taken from her website are a delight.

stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-15 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-17 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-19 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-13 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-8 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-9 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-4 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-18 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-14 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-12 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-1 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-2 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-3 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-6 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-16 stitched-leaves-embroidery-hillary-fayle-5

And here is some  of Hillary’s outdoor work.


img_7717 img_7724



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