Summer School – Day 3

The final day  – mostly ran smoothly – the double sided print matched up perfectly and I made my first box. The fabric took a bit of manipulation to lie flat as I’d added a pleat at the bottom – not a good design point.

I then had a second box printed but this time the alignment was out so the back (inside) of the box didn’t match up with the front (outside). The person operating the printer then discovered the pieces of fabric weren’t exactly the same size, hence the mis-print. The problem was soon rectified but a good lesson leant.


The box folded – not quite right on the glued side – I should have cut the fabric closer.


A good three days for me working with a material I like the feel of  as it’s robustly soft. I welcomed the muted colours the printer produced although several members of the group were disappointed as they had chosen vibrant hues for their design which did not reproduce well. I’m pleased that after several hours on photoshop I aligned my design up perfectly for double sided printing.

I’d like to experiment more with the fabric – lazer cutting, colouring and stitching it.



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