When the rains come…..

The change in the weather has energised me.

I’ve been busy sorting out my knitting yarns and had this dilemma …. categorise by colour or ply?  I’ve gone for colour as that would be my first consideration when making a piece. If I’d unlimited storage space I would box each shade/thickness/type of  of yarn separately; in reality  I’ve used two huge boxes – one containing reds/purples/oranges/creams and the other blues/greens/greys.

After weeks of procrastination I’ve committed myself to opening an on-line store in order to sell my work. However I’m not relying on it to be my sole outlet but it’s given me the impetuous to move forward. I’ve ordered my custom made frames for my ‘Marriage’ series of work and also, what I hope to be the first print run, the tea towels I’ve designed.

The idea came from my Foundation Diploma exhibition which was inspired by the personal adverts places in The Times newspaper of the later 1800’s.  I’ve made books and and a screen printed wall hanging based on the text and now a tea towel.

A sign of the times




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