Amsterdam Trip – Morning of Day One

After a double helping of breakfast I was set up for the day, caught the tram to Dam Square then set out to find Rembrandt House Museum.

In spite of it being a Saturday in August the place wasn’t crowded, unlike the Van Gough Museum where the queue snaked along the street. The audio guide was included in the admission charge of €12.50 and gave me sufficient information about the rooms with the option to learn more about the paintings which were on display. Here are some images taken from the website.

Collectie-2 rembrandthuis-web2 huis2 (1) 3432020020_b806f743fe_b 800px-Rembrandt_House_MuseumDSCF7288 home3

Rembrandt used his house as a gallery as well so most of the paintings, including ones by other artists, were displayed for the purpose of selling them.

After a tour of the house I viewed his etchings and was amazed how small yet detailed most of them are. His use of light and shade overwhelmed me, even in the darkest areas nothing is lost.



The Presentation; In Rembrandt’s Dark Manner, 1654, 207 x 162 mm.

Although this etching is in the V&A it’s an excellent example of Rembrandt’s skill.

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