Amsterdam Trip – Afternoon of Day Two

A short tram journey, as it was no pleasure walking in the rain, took us to the Museum of Bags and Purses, entrance €8.00 for students. I thought this visit would be a ‘filler’  as I’m not one for buying handbags but soon my interest was aroused.

I had done a little research whilst working on a project at uni – the metamorphosis of loose pockets tied around the waist into bags worn on the outside of garments.

1st bag

This French 16th Century bag was one of the first I saw. An aristocratic man would have worn in on his belt and it contains 18 secret compartments – a status symbol of the time.


There were several knitted beaded bags on show. Before starting work the tiny beads had to be threaded  in pattern order onto yarn. I imagine it would have taken a great deal of time; the design worked out, the beads threaded then the bag knitted. Commercial patterns could be purchased for ladies to work as a pass time.

I saw many beautiful examples of ladies bags throughout the centuries and was taken with the stylish ones of the early 20th century.

A room was dedicated to travel luggage, picnic sets complete with a kettle heated by a spirit burner, men’s toilet sets and luggage for those cruising across the Atlantic


The last room contained designer handbags worn by the rich and famous and we had fun deciding which ones we would choose for our our use.

As in Amsterdam I chose a tulip shaped one for about £150.

classic black red small

Unfortunately the museum was closing so no time to have a cuppa in the beautiful tea rooms.

Tassen Museum cafe

Well worth the visit – out into a deluge of rain so into the first cafe we came across for an early evening meal.


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