Research for Rajasthan Tour – Day Three

28th Oct Train Delhi-Bikaner [Bikaner Intercity: 0840-1640 Hrs] Packed lunch on direct payment basis, will be served on board. On arrival, check-in at your hotel. Stay overnight at Hotel in Bikaner.

A long day on the train but I’m anticipating a much different experience to last time I took one in Indian.

I was with my daughter, on a strict budget, so we travelled 2nd class. The warm breeze through the glassless windows was our air conditioning and we spent the hours chatting to our fellow passengers. One group of intense students put me to shame as they quizzed me as to why Britain hadn’t joined the euro economy. I loved the way the man would come along to take orders for food and miraculously it would appear at the next station and be delivered to our seats.The chai wallah wandered up and down the half mile long train selling his sweet milky tea. Each time the train stopped heads poked through the windows and the vendors shouted their wares.

However this time we have been allocated seats in the air conditioned carriages. I’m hoping the windows will be of a better standard  as last time there were so scratched visibility must have been difficult. I think I might miss the immediacy of the sounds and smells but there again I could welcome the chance to snooze for a few hours!


That’s 278 miles and 10 stops… maybe I’ll be pleased to have travelled that distance over 8 hours in luxury!

The city is about the size of Leeds, has a couple of red sandstone palaces designed by a British architect, Samuel Swinton  Jacob in the early 1900s, and many Hindu temples. I wonder where we’ll be staying and what we’ll see?

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