Research for Rajasthan Tour – Day Nine

3rd Nov – After breakfast, visit Kakani village to enjoy workshop on block printing. Lunch will be on direct payment basis in Jodhpur. Afternoon visit Salawas village to get witness Panja Dhurrie [rugs] weaving. Stay overnight at Hotel in Jodhpur.

A short journey to Kakani – about 20 miles – I can’t find any information about the place so I’m thinking it will be  a small village. I’ve not done any printing using a block so I’m looking forward to the experience.


The next place, Salawas, is much more commercial as it has it’s own website.


A rug 3′ x 5′ rug costs about £75 but that includes shipping. Because they are woven they are reversible ‘One side Monday, one side Tuesday’ seems to be a favourite line!


Nancy Worssam has written a delight article in Speaking with Hands all about the history and making of the dhurries.


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