Research for Rajasthan Tour – Day Ten

4th November – Drive Jodhpur-Pipar. Witness block making and block printing on silk fabric in Pipar. Packed lunch will be arranged on direct payment basis. Drive Pipar-Pushkar. Stay overnight at Hotel in Pushkar.

An hour’s drive in the morning to Pipar, The printing seems to be a family run business and tourists are very much a side line as work has to be done. All the images I’ve found have been taken by private individuals – I don’t want to use any that aren’t linked to an official site so will have to wait to take my own!

Then another 2 hour drive to Pushkar and according to The Lonely Planet guide I’m in for a treat. The town is a must for Hundu pilgrims so is full of the sounds of payers being chanted and sung. Another highlight is  the Camel Fair which will be in full swing whilst we are there.




Is this going to be exciting or what! Crowds of people from all over Indian and the world, the bustle, the noise, the smells!

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