Books of the Unexpected

At Craft in the Bay  Saturday 11th October. This exhibition was in contrast to the one I saw a week before at g39. I found the quality of the exhibits high but all too sweet for me. The ‘vintage’ style was obvious and familiar to the point of it being overdone.

Karen Apps, Susie Bright, Jessie Chorley, Yvette Hawkins, Alison Moger, Betty Pepper, Phiona Richards, Donna Rumble-Smith, Viv Sliwka,  Becky Adams

Exh1-3f78ebe355Exh2-9f8c03d5ceP1030058BPepper-355c485c93BeckyAdams1-78ab49b40aDRSmith-d94f19ea14Exh3Exh4Exh5Exh6Exh8JessieChorleyJessieChorley2JessieChorley3KAppsKApps2KApps3PhionaRichardsPhionaRichards2SBright2viv-sliwka-1AlisonMoger3Alison-Moger-2AlisonMogerBPepperBPepper2BeckyAdams3 2BeckyAdams4DRSmithDRSmith2


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