Sign of the Times tea towel

For one piece of work I was given the brief ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with strict instructions that no rabbits, teapots, watches etc should be included.

I decided to see what was going on in the world the year it was published, 1865. I looked at The Times newspaper, expecting to see the front page dominated by reports of wars and crimes but was confronted with column upon column of classified advertisements. Most were banal; for medical remedies, furniture polish, house auctions, groceries but amongst them were little snippets of Victorian life.

The classifieds appeared to be the place to contact people if you were unable to write to them, the days before telephones even. I took a selection and silk screen printed a large wall hanging. Recently I designed a tea towel showing some of the adverts. It can be used as a practical object or as a wall hanging.

They are digitally printed on unbleached cotton, 47 x 78 cms with a recommended wash temperature of 40 degrees C. Each one is individually wrapped in a cellophane envelope. The cost is £9.00 each including p & p. Please contact me if you’d like to purchase one….. or even more!





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