Rajasthan Tour – The Reality -Arrival

My trip started the day before, October 24th, by taking a smelly Mega bus from Cardiff to London. The driver advised us not to use the toilet for obvious reasons but as I was so excited thinking about the next day the journey was soon over for me. An early night at a friend’s house after having a lovely meal at a local Portuguese restaurant.

The journey to Heathrow was also smooth albeit a trifle cold as I’d shed my jacket and boots; socks with light flatties would not have been a good look as I needed to dress for the soon to be experienced heat of Delhi.

At the airport I quickly spotted a group of ladies of a certain age so I knew immediately I’d spotted the Colouricious group. Names, faces, voices – all a confusion at this stage but I knew I’d soon unravel them.

img532 (5)The Life of Pi was my film of choice during the flight accompanied by delicious food – quite put me in the mood for the next couple of weeks.

Now, here time becomes distorted…… all I can recount is the sequence of events. We were greeted at Delhi airport by the local tour representative and, in spite of it being the middle of the night, the place was buzzing with a band of local musicians playing amongst a throng of people.

We were escorted to a brand new air conditioned coach – no smell of incense here – just that factory smell – but the welcome we received out weighed this. There was the driver, the general bus helper, two representatives  from the Indian travel company and one guide.


Soon we arrived at our hotel  and greeted with a security check of our hand luggage followed by a cool drink and a marigold flower garland. Our passports were checked then we were allocated our rooms. Although I’d stated I wanted a shared room I was the odd one out – that meant I had no partner to share with so a single occupancy throughout my holiday – sometimes a down as no one to discuss the day’s happenings with but more often a peaceful relieve from the chatter.


After a little fluster of mis-communication my case arrived to room 1027 at 4 o’clock in the morning ….and so to bed.



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