Print Making Course 2015 – Mono Printing

As soon as I walked into Cardiff Print Workshop I had a good feeling. The space was light, well organised, with lots of work by participating artists on show and for sale.

There were five of us – all with varying degrees of experience of printmaking which meant we were soon into the thick of it. My heart lifted as several of the group expressed their inability to draw. Although I dislike the fact I compare myself to others I do when it comes to drawing, this leaves me with a sense of dissatisfaction – stupid I  know! The morning was spent mark making rather than any literal forms being made.


The first print I made was by inking up the plate with water soluble ink then making marks using whatever I could find in the studio. The plate was then placed into the press and a print made on wet paper.

img546The next print was made by using the same plate but this time adding ink onto it, again using the same objects. I like the depth of layers.


This was produced by laying a dry piece of paper over an inked plate, placing another sheet of paper on top then scribing on the back of it. I used a pen to draw the circles which were filling in  by rubbing a rounded wooden handle over the paper,  the back of my fingernails for the edging and I also rolled the side of a pen along one side – this did not come out on the print.


The plate was re-inked and I replicated the design but this time used wet paper – I prefer the darker softer image.


A ghost print was then made by running the plate over wet paper through the press. Result …. disappointing.


At the end of the morning Sue took this image of the group’s work.

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