Printmaking Course 2015

I’ve not yet worked out why I keep coming back to print making; it could be the anticipation of looking at the  unknown result as I lift off the paper from the plate.

My first encounter with print was on my Access course when I learnt about mono and dry-point printing but I only touched on the subject; I wasn’t fired up to investigate further.

Foundation course was next where I learnt silk screen printing and I made a large print on a fabric wall hanging for my final show. This led onto digitally printing  a similar piece during my M.A. and the production of the  ‘A Sign of the Times’ tea towel.


During my time at the University of Glamorgan I took a printmaking module but never felt comfortable with being in the print room – too many people with vague instructions from the tutor wasn’t conducive to my learning. Yet again I wanted to learn more so a year later I enrolled on an Adult Education course but had a similar experience – I never felt confident  with what I was doing. I think one reason was that I was expected to make a drawing for my print and drawing is something I choose not to do.

However, all was not lost as I attended a week’s Summer School at Cardiff Met and flew! I enjoyed my week under the guidance of Mel Warwick and was delighted with the exhibition of my work shown in Howard Gardens Gallery.


When I saw that a friend of mine, Sue Paton, was running a ten week introductory course at Cardiff Print Workshop I knew I had to sign up for the Wednesday morning class.


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