Printmaking course 2015 – Mono print – colour

You win some and loose some and today was certainly a loose day. For a start I’d forgotten to take to class my printing plate I’d been given the previous week and I also think I’d forgotten my brain – all morning I struggled to focus on what I was doing. I wasn’t distracted by other thoughts, my mind wasn’t elsewhere but I had no inspiration, no ideas and I floundered with the task in hand, often wandering around the studio saying to myself “what shall I do, I’m lost”. At one point I attempted to capture my lost-ness but failed. I’ve been thinking why I didn’t get to grips with colour printing and have come to conclusion I was too caught up with the colour aspect and not enough with the print – I wasn’t thinking beyond inking up the plate – I was concentrating too much on getting the ink onto the surface and not removing any to make an image. I had a tiny break through when a hair accidentally fell onto my inked up plate. I’d metaphorically been tearing my hair out so for my last two prints I physically torn out some of my hair. The results still abysmal!

It’s ironic that the scanned images have also failed – the colours are distorted – but this is just a reminder for myself so I’m not fretting.img550 (4)

Ink removed – but I was too intend on merging the colours.

img550 (2)

Ink added. img551On dry paper
img551 (2) On wet paper. img552 (3)Who know what I was attempting here!
img552 (2) Cleaning the plate – a bit of water always adds to the effect!
img553 (2)

Tearing my hair out.



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