Printmaking Course 2015 – Collagraph Research

I’m mindful that I was drastically unprepared for last week’s class so have done some research for this week’s by looking at other artists’ work; to encourage me; to give me some ideas to take along. As I don’t work figuratively or use the naturalistic world as a starting base  I struggled to find many works on a more conceptual or abstract level. At the back of my mind I’m still wanting to use my fore mothers in my work but not use the obvious sepia photographs – more of a hint, a ghost, a shadow, a shade. I’ve come across the word eidolon and it’s perfect for my concept. It means ‘an image, a phantom or apparition, a confusing reflection or reflected image’ – as taken from Chambers 20th Century Dictionary or ‘ an unsubstantial image, spectre, phantom’ – OED.

My idea is to take materials to represent my fore mothers – my mother was a passionate gardener and Jan Bulley has kick-started some ideas for me.

hydrangea-filigree-web nigella-seedhead-3 waterfront-5

My maternal grandmother taught me to knit so I must have some knitting in my piece and Ann Symes includes knitting in her work.


Dawn Cole has used found textiles to illustrate her ‘Thought Patterns’. For once I know where I’m going …… will it happen on the day of print making?


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