Printmaking Course 2015 – B&W Collagraph

Thankfully the class went much better for me this week and I enjoyed my time in the studio.

Firstly I made up my plate by attaching materials to a piece of grey-board.I’d knitted some small leaves in fine cotton thread and had brought along scraps of lace-like fabrics  Due to time constrains the plates couldn’t be made up in the conventional manner, that is sticking down materials then sealing them with waterproof varnish. I had to use glue stick, masking tape, parcel tape and sellotape.


This is the plate but after modifications. The first print (below) held too much ink for me. On the left hand side I’d used brown package tape over the crocheted fabric and details was lost; on the other side was masking tape so I replaced the brown tape with it. The sellotape holding down the knitted leaves (top middle) also covered some detail. I removed the ric-rac.


After the alterations I inked the plate again but this time with a piece of cloth – much better definition.


Then i wiped away even more ink – the knitted leaves under the sellotape have come out better on this one.

Next I inked up the Renolon plate I’d used for mono printing and placed some pieces of fabric onto it. The plate was then put through the press.


I carefully lifted the pieces of fabric off the plate, onto a damp piece of paper and through the press once more. The result reminds me of the illustrations found in old knitting manuals. I can see me using this technique when I explore the word eidolon.


Lastly I took a ghost print from the Renolon plate – another result worth exploring.


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