Printmaking Course 2015 – Colour Collagraph

A beautiful walk to the studio today – cold with bright sunshine.

I’d made a plate yesterday – working on the theme of my ancestral mothers – the lace knitting represents my grandmother who taught me how to knit; she often wore lace patterned cardigans and the leaves are for my mother who loved gardening.

P1000056 I don’t know what possessed me to use the yellow ink – maybe too much sun on the way in!

However I liked the image left on the roller after I’d brayered it across my plate so I inked up a piece of paper with it


I added more colours but too vibrant.


Gradually I removed the yellow.P1000061 P1000063 P1000064

At last I felt I was getting somewhere with the colour – more muted shades.


Then I turned the plate over and used the reverse.


A few scratches into the cardboard and a light touch of ink.


Someone else was using paper doilies so I pinched a bit and laid it on top.P1000067

Another doily layer.

Then I printed twice on the same paper – firstly using the back of the plate then the front.

I still struggle working in 2D and with colour; again nothing here that are worth more than reminders of experimental samples but I had a fun morning.


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