Mindful Photography – Week 2 – Ground

For this week’s assignment the rules were:-

  • Body scan your camera – for aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I am at last (after several photographic workshops) beginning to have a glimmer of understanding the relationship between them.
  • Take about an hour for this assignment.
  • Select an area approximately 50 meters by 50 metres.
  • Familiarise yourself with the area – where the light is coming from, how you can move within it to gain different focal points.
  • Take 24 images without looking at them after shooting – there must be no deletions – regard the task as if using ‘film’ – that is analogue.

I found this week difficult to complete. I walked about my neighbourhood on Wednesday afternoon but couldn’t find any thing that ‘told a story.’ I came home in despair.

The next day I knew, due to time constraints,  I had to take my 24 shots. In spite of the forecast promising sun in the morning it turned out to be one of those days filled with  a flat grey light with no shadows or contrasts.

I was meeting a friend for lunch; I walked through the park with the hope of completing the task before the appointed time. All I could see was cliché after cliché so soon placed my camera back into my bag. After an hour and a half of delightful, fun-filled conversation my friend took me on a tour of her studio and as soon as I saw the outdoor space I knew I’d found my place to shoot the 24 images.

Here are the five I submitted for the assignment.


The space was a chaotic riot of colour and random objects – I wanted to capture the essence of the place with this photo.


It was a freezing cold day and the hot tropical backdrop against the bare-branched tree made me smile.


I’m learning. learning, learning….I was disappointed as the colours appear so flat here. I don’t wish to enhance any of my photos post production during this learning stage; instead I think I should have increased the ISO.


When I first saw the subject matter of this photo I had to look closely as I couldn’t work out what I was seeing. I wanted to keep the wall in the frame to add to the containment but did take another photo in landscape without the wall.


This is my favourite – the acid green ridged lines reaching to a sharp point in contrast with the soft natural vegetation.

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