Printmaking Course 2015 – Lino-cut Research

Lino-cut is going to be difficult for me because not only have I to cope with the negative and positive but also mirror images. Unfortunately my two hour class doesn’t allow much  time for explanations; I’m usually in there making prints before I’ve had time to absorb the principles of the techniques. This is why I need to research before I go into the studio. Also I don’t work figuratively – instead I use abstract concepts in my work. At the moment I’m thinking about my g+grand mothers and so far  I’ve not found my way forward.

I’m thinking about doing a sampler as Will Karp has done.z_pr_111_480


Then there’s these two by Charmaine Watkiss.



Natasha Rusell‘s work is exceptionally fine.


Maybe I should be a little more ambitious!

I’ve come up with a couple of images I may investigate further.





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