Printmaking Course 2015 – Lino cut

Firstly I traced a simple image of an acorn onto the lino. I’d managed to work out the reverses and mirror images by using photoshop so I was confident but the lino was hard, I tried various tools to cut into it but I laboured in vain. I had time to make just one black and white print.


My tutor suggested I cut the lines wider to give more definition so during the week I made alterations but wished I’d added more smaller lines to the cap.


In spite of the disaster I had with the yellow ink when collagraph printing I was assured that the original  black on my plate would knock the colour back – thankfully it did. P1000292

I inked up the plate again with blue – a small amount of the yellow showed through but nothing exciting.

P1000297I decided to cut out the acorn shape so I could ink the background a different colour.


On the one above I used the back of a wooden spoon but unfortunately the acorn wasn’t fully aligned with the background so I ended up with a white halo.P1000294

More colours added – by this time I’d learnt not to roll so much ink onto the plate, if any at all at times.


Sometimes I’d ink just the acorn.


At other times just the background. By this time the rollers were becoming a confusion of colour so giving a softer finish to the prints.

In all I made 17 prints and felt it was one of my better days in the studio in terms of experimentation.



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