Printmaking course 2015 – Drypoint

I’ve decided to keep to my theme of the acorn – this way I can appreciate the different methods and results of print making.

I taped a piece of Rhenalon over an image of the acorn then scratched the out line using the end of a pair of compasses. I quickly became absorbed in the process and found it far more satisfying than the lino cut, it was almost a meditative process.

Using a soft piece of old t-shirt I rubbed ink into the grooves on the plate then carefully wiped round the outline. I’d missed marking some lines so scratched them in, then played with colour and the amount of ink on the plate.


Missing marks added.P1000417

Too much black on the cap – should have wiped more away….should have also checked the newsprint paper I placed on the top was clean!P1000420

Wiped the plate clean and re-inked using a dark green for the cap.


More green on the cap (still not enough) and the bottom left.P1000423

Cut another image of the acorn and placed it on my plate, over the scratched image – inked with a roller a piece of embossed wall paper – placed over the plate – ran through the press.P1000419

Then ran the plate through the press again – without re-inking the acorn.

Wiped the plate clean again – re-inked the acorn – laid the cut-out acorn on top then rollered the plate.


This was done a real hurry – the paper was too wet and the ink not wiped correctly.


On the reverse side of the plate I ran this image made from sandpaper through the press.


It was difficult for me to see where the edges were so I’ve missed inking at the top – I think it would be better had I used this as a base for my print rather than a stand alone print.


The first thing I did was to make another sandpaper acorn so I could etch the texture onto the side of the plate I’d etched last week.

P1000477This gave the print more texture – this was my first print and one of my favourites for this week.
P1000478 P1000479

Experimenting with different colour combinations.P1000480

I deliberately left some wipe marks after inking the acorn – would be improved with more ink wiped from the cap,


Too much ink left on – I think I was being influenced by other people’s moody results….. but a moody acorn?


This was the same technique I’d used last week – rollered textured wallpaper – laid it onto the plate after masking off the acorn – then removed the wallpaper and the mask and took a print.


A print taken from the rollered wallpaper.P1000485 P1000486

I used someone else’s ink to roller my plate… I took her meaning of ‘thin ink’ to mean very light – the 2nd one taken without re-inking but neither are a success.

Another enjoyable week. I’ve decided I prefer to ink my plates then wipe most off before taking a print. I like to see the etched detail rather than the mono print effect gained from leaving ink on.

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