The Sensorial Object

A Friday morning trip to Craft in The Bay to see The Sensorial Object. The artists showing their work were Ainsley Hillard, Emma Rawson, Anne Gibbs, Jon Piggot & Ingrid Murphy, Zoe Preece, Funda Susamoglu, Elaine Sheldon.


Ainsley Hillard has a deep interest in weaving but she uses non traditional materials such as monofilament, acrylic and viscose. Often she incorporates sound but not in this exhibition.

Emma  Rawson  uses glass as her medium on which she screen prints images relating to domestic locations.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

Anne Gibbs uses found objects, either from nature or in markets; she slip casts them, alters them by staining, stitching or adding to produce unique pieces. Then she arranges them into abstract collections for the viewer to experience.

P1000471P1000466 P1000468 P1000469 P1000470

My favourite installation was by Jon Piggot and Ingrid Murphy. The tea cup was gently pinged and the vibrations caused small rubber balls suspended on strings to bounce around the ceramic bowls which in turn resonated with soft bell like sounds.

Zoe Preece‘s ceramic spoons intrigued  me – what were they filled with, sweet or savoury?

Elaine Sheldon: Sample work

Elaine Sheldon‘s work was also humorous with the glass bubble being squashed by the fallen lamp.

A charming video of the opening by Duck Egg Bleu can be seen here.

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