Collagraph Workshop – Day Three

Time to paddle around in the shallow end by myself. Dawn was on hand for when I got stuck but most of the time left me to get on with it. I appreciated this as it allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them.

A few weeks ago I was informed by a posh lady ‘My people come from…’ I was captivated by both what she said and the manner in which she said it… ‘May peepull cume frrum’  all very refined!  So before I left home I’d taken an idea from my previous workshop and stitched the phrase onto cloth.  I thought I’d use just a piece of it but instead used it intact.


Firstly I made a plaster cast by pressing the fabric, face down, into the wet plaster and peeling it off when dry.


Then I PVA’d the fabric onto another plate. Initially I forgot to stitch the text in reverse so I had to unpick it – the memory of this could still be seen at the bottom.


I decided to print in a sepia tone – mixing the ink.


A colour test – the lighter one mixed with extender.


Fabric print – too darkP1000776

A little better with more extender mixed with the ink.


Plaster print.


Plaster print with colour added.

The two methods gave diverse results.  The plaster plate turned out more organic – the plaster wasn’t 100% dry when I removed the cloth and some came away at the bottom. It looks like embroidered initials but could have been a disaster. The fabric glued onto the plate showed more of the warp & weft, the frayed edges and creases. Then there was the resultant text – raised using the cast method and sunk using the fabric.

By this time I was just getting a grasp of how inking up affects the print but the clock demanded me to pack up. I have much to digest but feel confident to move forward with this process by myself.


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